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Image by Jason Leung


We've all heard how colsely connected mental and physical health are. Seuxal health is part of our physical and mental health. If you are sexually frustrated ir can affect all areas of your life, your mood, your levels of stress and anxiety. If you are sexually satisfied you are generally a happier, healthier and calmer. When you bring  sex toys into the mix, you're signing up for mor fun, intensity and mid blowing orgasms.It adds variety to your solo intimate time and your time together. Having said all of this we understand that like beauty products there are so many toys to choose from, where do you start, how much do you pay?So we have done the research for you and thought about about what you want, the price and functionality.


1. Number on our Top 5 list is the Versa Bullet W/ Remote Dark Fucshia. It's powerful, gorgeous and just what you need! This is made for your pleasure.


2. Number 2 on our Top 5 list is the Tryst Purple Multi-Erogenous Massager. Wear around the penis as a solo vibrator, or as a partner-pleasing cock ring. With three powerful motors, seven mind-blowing massage patterns, and separate arm and base controls, this silicone device is anything you want it to be!


3. Number 3 on the top 5 is the Introductory Bondage Kit #3 - Black. Vibrators are not the only toys we need! If you ever fancied the idea of brandishing a whip or using handcuffs but want to ease yourself in gently, this kit is for you!


4. Number 4 is  the perfect combination of multiple sensations all in one luxurious toy! The twirling and thrusting shaft delivers persistent internal thrills! Add a long clitoral stimulator that hits all the right spots.

mint wave.jpg

5. Number 5 has 6 Vibration Modes, 4 Pattern Modes, is waterproof, has 60 minutes on highest speed, is body-safe Silicone. It is whisper quiet and a fabulous mint green colour. It appeals to touch, sight and sense.

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