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4 Ways to spice things up in your intimate life

Are you in a relationship that seems little bit uninspired and boring in the bedroom? Maybe you think its time to call quits! Not a great idea if you are in a long term relationship. So what is the answer? Here are 4 ways to spice things up in your intimate life?

You might think yes great, I really want to add some passion back into your relationship, however how do I actually do that? Read on and find 4 ideas that you can begin to implement.

1-- Don't forget Foreplay

Do just get right down to it and miss the foreplay? A lot of couples realize the importance of foreplay and taking your time with intimacy. Foreplay does not have to start in the bedroom. You could try and call your spouse or partner and make them feel special, you could send a sexy text, a passionate sexy note to really help rev up the mood.

2 - What about spontaneity?

A bit of spontaneity can go a long way. Change things up, the date, place, add some romance. Inject some fun into your intimate life instead of going through the same old routine. But remember that when you start anything new you should talk about it first rather than diving in with no preparation.

3-- Vocalize your Fantasies

When you are frustrated in a relationship and not sexually satisfied it can cause a lot of tension and unhappiness. If you want to work on your relationship and you want to be together remember it is not just about one person. There are two people in a relationship. Relationships can go of course, it is not unusual. Life can obstruct a heavy and hot sex life! If it is time to get things back on the right path, remember that there are two individuals in a relationship, so it is no one person's fault. You both have to communicate and work on your relationship. Start a conversation with your partner about your sexual wants desires and fantasies. If you want to try new things in your intimate life, make sure you know where yourpartner is. Start a conversation, be kind and hear your partner. It's about both of you. If it takes a little time for one partner to communicate, keep going and keep talking.

4 -- Add a little adventure in the Bedroom

Another one of the easy ways to can spice things up is to introcude sex toys, adult content, and role playing. They are ways to add adventure in your intimate life.

Keep in mind that exploring in the bedroom is a great way to way spice up with your intimacy, however ensure you are both on board. If you desire to change things up, speak to your partner, suprise is not a good thing. You both need to feel ready and comfortable for changing things up.

You now have a few ideas on how you can tackle spicing things up in your intimate life. There is absolutely nothing to stop you. Go and have some fun!

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