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Adult content curated specifically for women

Feminist adult content exists, and women love consuming it online. Women crave adult content and enjoy watching it too. As per a survey published by Pornhub in 2017, would you believe if we say that one of the most top searched keywords was 'porn for women'? There's no doubt that the majority of the content online is created for the male audience. Finding pleasurable adult content that serves a female audience is a rare find. As the adult industry is evolving, there are quite a few websites that have created content from a woman’s point of view. You'll notice that these contents have empowered female characters that are comfortable in their own skin. Some of the most prominent female adult content websites include XConfessions, Frolic Me, Pink Label TV, and Dipsea.

Slowly but steadily, female directors and producers are taking over the limelight. Yet, there exists a sizeable gap between genders when it comes to consuming pornographic content. There are more online platforms that cater to the male audience versus females. There are different types of adult content that serves individual male tastes online. But for women, content versatility is not available. Let's take a deep dive into what type of adult content women prefer watching online.

Feminist adult content preferences

When it comes to online adult content created to pleasure women, they want female characters in the lead to be empowered. There's also a strong preference for correlating traditional pornography with romantic novels. Lust and physical gratification are known to arouse women and create an orgasmic experience. While men desire to watch the act of sex itself, women want to see a deeply visual storyline that's not just about featuring a display of female bodies to entice men. Adult content featuring erotic passion and desire is loved by the female audience. Women are not keen on watching fake orgasms on screen, instead serve them with unscripted and real adult content. When it comes to preferences, women don't enjoy the content that incorporates shame or judgmental tactics. They want to see individuality without compromising on sensual and erotic content. Whether it's boss/employee or teacher/student, showcasing the context of the relationship is important. Women are keen to know how one incident led to another.

Over the past few years, the mode of consumption has shifted to mobile devices amongst both genders. There are indicative reports that showcase women consuming adult content on mobile is significantly and consistently on the rise.

Male versus female adult content consumption choices

There's no denying that the number of female adult content consumers is on the rise. As per a study published by Pornhub, the largest female consumers of porn was found to be from the Philippines. So, what do women search for? Lesbian or lesbian-related content is one of the most top searched keywords amongst women. Another keyword that was trending these past years was 'female-friendly', 'cheerleader' and 'popular with women'. That's not all, there has been a noticeable rise in women who search for pregnancy porn, especially between the age range of 24 to 34.

It is no secret that mainstream porn content is created for the male audience. With men, the keywords differ drastically. Some of the top-most searched keywords over the last few years have been 'MILF', 'Stepmom', 'Stepdaughter', 'Japanese' and 'Cheerleaders'. Although it may seem surprising, women tend to consume more hardcore adult content than men these days. There might still be a minor overlap in a few categories amongst men and women porn consumption preference. Regardless of the sexual orientation, research has indicated an equal amount of brain arousal amongst men and women while watching erotic videos.

Surprising benefits of watching adult content

Over the years, adult content consumption has gained a lot of bad rep. Consuming a lot of adult content online claims to rewire people’s brains and change their perceptions of sex. To an extent, it's true as well. Surprisingly, there are several benefits that we overlook too.

1. Increases Libido

For women struggling with lower sex drives, watching adult content can surely be helpful, as it increases libido. Studies have created a positive correlation between the time spent watching porn and desire for sex.

2. Stress reliever

So, we all know that engaging in sexual activity is a huge stress reliever amongst both genders. Similarly, watching adult porn (not being addicted to it) can also be a stress reliever.

3. Normalize your desires

No matter what your sexual desires might be, porn normalizes it. It not only eradicates sexual stigma but also unveils certain fetishes that you may have refrained yourself from communicating with your partner. It helps you figure out what turns you on.

What`s new?

While video adult content is trending amongst women, audio erotica also creates a similarly immersive experience. With self-isolation, there has been an increase in traffic and downloads of narrated stories and new guided sessions. Sex-positive audibles from real people are surely redefining the way women consume adult content online.

To summarize

Finally, when it comes to pornography patterns, you'll notice that men and women consume adult content differently based on their relationship status too. For instance, men who are casually dating is expected to watch adult content weekly about 42% more than the women with similar relationship status.

Though there is a noticeable overlap between the preference of content categories, their consumption and acceptance vary drastically. As adult content consumption is getting normalized amongst women, there is an increase in websites that are dedicated to creating gender-specific content too.

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