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Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Wellness

It's so simple to just think about our bodies as machines, comprised of parts that either work, or do not work. Not many of us recognize that our sexual health is a part of the bigger picture of the your overhall health.

Sexual Wellness

Sexual health is about so much more than having great sex. Sexual health is physical, social and psychological. It is about feeling great in your body and being able to enjoy sex.


Sexual health results in feeling great that you're in control of your own body. Having trouble sustaining an erection and accomplishing can be a significant barrier to that sensation of self-esteem. Impotence impacts many guys - as many as 30 million men in the United States alone - so it's not something to feel ashamed about. You are not alone!

Erectile dysfunction can be triggered by a wide range of things. Much of these causes can be intrinsic medical problems that you should discuss with a medical professional.

A satisfying Sexual Experience

ED isn't always a physical issue - often the issues stem from our mind. Psychological health plays a major role in the bed room. To have a satisfying sexual experience, you need o be connected to the moment, not anxious or tense and not self-conscious.

Communication is key in a relationship, speak with your partner about any concerns or issues they might well have of their own.


Masturbation can assist! It might not be something people talk much about but it is a vital part of sexual health. Spending time with your own body releases endorphins, increases your self-confidence, and helps you to know what feels great, and what doesn't.

Love yourself and your body

Focusing on sexual health isn't about having sex, however about having a greater understanding of our own bodies and how to treat them well so we can have more gratifying sexual experiences.

Focusing on sexual health isn't about about having sex all the time,but about having a greater understanding of our own bodies and how to treat yourself better so your sexual experiences are more gratifying .

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