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How is your sex life at the moment?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Is your life somewhat lacking in the intimate area of your life? Are you constantly tired, stressed, anxious and it’s affecting your love life? Is it affecting your desire to have sex? Frightened that your partber might leave you as a result of it? Consider that you may be experiencing a form of sexual dysfunction that could be caused by a variety of reasons.

A reduced sex drive, a hypoactive sex-related drive problem, a lack of sex-related fantasies or thoughts. In a current research study in the USA, 43% of women and 31% of men have actually confessed to suffering from some kind of sexual dysfunction. The absence of a sex drive can happen to men and women at any point in their life.

How common is sexual dysfunction amongst women?

The American Medical Organization estimates that several million women in the United States suffer from what doctors term “female sexual arousal disorder" (FSAD ). In the UK, family planning clinics also see large numbers of women that complain that they are suffering from low libido. Low lido is less common in men. The most prevalent sexual dysfunction reported in men is erectile dysfunction. Most men with low libido can still achieve erections.

What creates a reduced sex drive in men and women?

. In both men and women low libido can be caused perhaps by physical and/or pschychological reasons.

Here are some of the physical reasons . Anemia. This more frequently affects women as opposed to men due to iron loss throughout menstruation . Alcohol addiction . Substance abuse . Significant illness such as diabetes mellitus . Excessive weight . Hyperprolactinaemia. This is an uncommon problem where the pituitary gland creates way too much of the hormonal agent prolactin . Post-partum. This is the loss of sex drive that frequently begins after giving birth. It is likely connected to hormones and fatigue, trauma of child birth.

. Perscription medications, specifically tranquillisers . Various other hormonal abnormalities . Low testosterone levels - as opposed to what lots of people think, this is in fact not common this is uncommon.

Psychological reasons could be:

. clinical depression . stress and anxiety as well as overwork . anxiety . problems from childhood years . past sexual assault or rape . distress about your sexuality . significant issues with your partner . financial or family issues

Here are some suggestions

to boost your low libido

. Try and leave job stress and anxiety in the workplace, try not to bring it home. Try and keep a specific time in the day at home for relaxation and winding down. . Stear clear of smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, recreational drugs. This also of course very beneficial to your overall lifestyle and wellness. . Make sure you are relaxed and not in a rush before enagaging in sex. . Couples therapy could pave the way to helping heal major issues within your couple, especially if communication is difficult or non-existant . Consult a medical professional to understand what the cause is not just the symptoms The main thing is to seek out help and to start talking, don’t sweep these issues under the carpet so that they grow into even bigger ones. Silence is not the answer. You are not alone and you try to not be embarrased.

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