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How to please a woman

I've gotta be honest here... I'm stumped ;) That is the way a lot of men really feel. Are men selfish or do they simply not get it? How did they get to a point of nore really understanding how to please a woman?

It's pretty important to figure it out because all round sex is a hell of a lot better if you are both totally into it!

When it comes to finding to out if men are more up for sex, males are generally simpler to understand. But understanding how to please a woman is a different thing altogether. When it comes to women, men probably generally think it's a bit more complicated. They probably don't know they we are doing and how to please a woman. So lets figure out why.

There is plenty of research to show that women need more of a emotional connection, but that does not always mean love. We asked the experts at and this is what they said.

Is Female desire more complicated?

The experts at said you need to first understand the difference between arousal and desire in a woman. Arousal is a physiological response that shows our body is ready for sex, desire is a psychological feeling. So it's a game between the mental and physical. So in that sense it is more complicated.

How does sex drive differ between men and women?

Isn't his a question you have often asked yourself? For men there is a direct correlation between an errection and their desire. Men get aroused when they get an erection, you can't mistake what is going on! For biologial women it's different as desire and a physiological response do not necessarily go hand in hand. 1. It won't surprise you to know that men think about sex more often than women. 2. Generally in relationships, men want sex more often than women. Also consider that if sex is let's say not as simple as I have an erection let's go, then your view about sex is going to different. Makes sense right? 3. Do you want to know what turns women on? The question is how do you please a women? The answer according to the sexperts at is not straight forward. Women's level of arousal is dependent on circumstances and that can differ each and every time. 4. The female orgasm takes 10 - 12 minutes and only about 26% of women reach orgasm each time. Did you know that?! A man on average takes 4 minutes.

A man and woman's sex drive

It's important to understand in learning how to please a woman that women don't have a lower sex drive than men, in can in fact be higher. The difference is that it may differ at different times of the month as compared to men. A woman's sex drive often increases during the ovulation duration of their cycle. Their sexual desire for sex is very powerful. One difference is that many women don't know what produces sexual desire in them. Their mood, stress and tiredness can play crucial role in determining their desire to have sex. Female desire is unquestionably more complex than that of men. As dudes we are pretty simple but if you want to have amazing sex you have understand what makes your partner tick. Start talking and find out!

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