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The Truth About Being Addicted To Excitement

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So today's question from our truth sharers is what do you do if you are addicted to excitement ? What does it mean to be addicted to excitement? Mel and Suzie discuss what that means. Can you be addicted to excitement, the thrill of something? Or is it just simply that you are bored with your life? Are you escaping the mundane, the fear of, "is this it?!"

One of our listeners left us a message One of our listeners left us a message. She is a 46 year old woman who has been married for 26 years. Her kids are grown up and her husband works a lot and is away for work a lot. A year ago she started an affair with a man she used to work with. She loves her husband but she has become addicted to the physical side with this man. She hates lying but she feels very trapped! Mel and Suzie discuss what the listener should do. Should she carry on the affair, should she tell her husband? How do you admit to an affair? How common is it to have an affair? Is having an affair a choice or is it just a human mistake? Is the thrill, the excitement she is feeling from meeting up with this man selfish? These are questions that don't have simple answers. Life is not that easy!

What are the answers? There are no straight forward answers and the listener really has to think about what they want in life. Also who should they tell? Mel warns her to be careful who she speaks to. Find out what she means by that. Think about it all clearly and do not anything rash, but lying is never a good answer for Mel. It can change your behaviour.

Suzie is more matter of fact. If your husband does not make you happy then leave. But is it really that simple? When you have been married for 26 years your lives, family and emotions are intertwined. Life has its ups and downs and if you love someone you go the distance and don't give up at the first sign of boredom. Listen to find out what Mel & Suzie say. Do you agree? What would you do?

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