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Reconnecting with your sexual self


Whether you are single or in a relationship, it's crucial to develop a healthy connection with your sexual self. Introducing sex toys and adult material can truly help to increase stimulation and trigger desire. Sex toys and erotic content have long been seen a taboo, but now it is much more in the mainstream and no longer shocking to talk about or use content and toys.

Being connected to your sexual self helps you to understand your needs and desires. Sex and sexuality are two seperate things, sex serves your sexuality which is part of your personality. We are all trying to feel happy, fulfilled and satisfied in our sex life. Using tools to help us achieve that surely makes sense?

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How does age impact your sex life?

There's no doubt that ageing can affect how individuals experience and reveal their sexuality. There is no limitation as to having a healthy, fulfilling sex life, no matter what age you may be. It's a psychological experience and intimacy is not restricted to your age.


Ways to build an exciting relationship with your erotic self

If you want to  reconnect with your sexual self here are some expert-recommended ideas to try.

Stay in the moment and pay attention to what your body wants, enjoys and derives pleasure from. It won't necessarily be sexual in nature. It might be something as easy as how your body felt throughout a warm bath, a training session when your body is pumping with andrenaline or unwinding at the end of the day to a drink or music and how that felt. It's about connecting to yourself.

Explore your fantasies and how they resonate with your inner desires. You also might want to take this opportunity to open up communication with your partner about your fantasies.

Be open to changing up your intimate routine regularly to something enjoyable and brand-new.
This is where toys and visually erotic content comes into play to inspire your senses. Re-sensitize your body and get in touch with your sexual self through masturbation. You can touch wherever  it feels good. Anal play can be a great thing to start on your own so you feel comfortable. Whether you climax or not, you'll discover sexual stimulation pleasant and relaxing at the very same time.

This not only enhances your libido however likewise assists develop a healthy relationship with your sexuality.

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