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Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) describes issues to do with keeping an erection and having a satisfying sexual life. ED can cause crippling anxiety, distress and shame.

ED however is very common, typially affecting approximately 30 million North American men alone. This does not mean that erectile dysfunction is irreversible, you do not have to live with it and there are many different types of treatments.No matter how long a man has actually been experiencing these issues, it can be effectively dealt with with using medications and or natural supplements that work.

Do not feel ashamed about getting help. A great many men experience issues with Erectile Dysfunction, and consulting a medical proffessional can be the primary step towards solving the issue.



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What Causes ED?

There are 2 classifications of ED: Physical ED and Psychological ED. Medical and recreational drugs, alcohol, untreated  diabetes can trigger and or cause Erectile Dysfucntion.

Emotional or mental ED can occur due to worry, tension or stress. It might also be caused by your anxiety at your perfomance in the bedroom being somehow inadequate. 

Possible Symptoms of ED:


  • Early ejaculation

  • Problem keeping an erection or getting an erection

  • Weak erections

  • Loss of desire for sex

  • Perfomance anxiety

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