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Sexual Health 

When we talk about sexual health, what do we mean?

Sexual health covers a large range of concerns from your sexuality, your gender indentity, sexual expression, sexual dysfuntion, desire, stimulation, satisfaction and much more. Most of us face some of these questions in our lives and we are unsure where to turn and instead of doing something, we do nothing.

What is stopping or obstructing the path to the healthy, happy and fulfilled sex life that you want? Are you ignoring something, shutting out your problems or is there something about  yourself or your own sexuality that you are struggling with?

If you are able to, first ask yourself, do you have any of the following concerns/issues  and then
speak to your partner(s) and open up a kind and considerate channel of commmunication. It will help you to begin on a journey of sexual recovery, joy and satisfaction.


Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have issues with sexual dysfuntion?

  • Are you thinking about exploring new things?

  • Are you confused or struggling with your sexuality?

  • Do you feel that your sex life is missing out on something?

  • Are you struggling with communication with your partner?

  • Are you seeking change?

  • Do you have aspects of your sexuality you do not comprehend?

  • Are you looking for support?

You are in the right place if the response is YES!

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