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Low Sex Drive

What triggers a loss of sex drive in men?

It can often be connected to a range of different problems such as anxiety, tiredness, relationship concerns. It can likewise be due to a medical issue, or as a direct result of medication you are taking to  treat another medical issue unrealted to sexual dysfunction.

Your libido is very specific to the individual and no two are the exact same. There is no such thing as a normal libido, every man's libido is different. If the absence of desire is causing you distress and impacting your life and your relationship with your partner in a negative way , it is most likely time to get some help.

Many men experience issues with their sex drive throughout their life for many different reasons and firstly need some support to find the answers and get the guidance they need to resolve or improve the issue. No one has to accept that this is your life from this point on.

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What are the typical factors for a low sex drive in men?

Issues in your relationship

Maybe one the very first things you need to think about is whether you are happy in your relationship. Is frustration, apathy or unhappiness at the very core of the problem? Are you unsure as to what is causing  your absence of libido?

·a low sex drive can be triggered by the loss of sexual attraction

·boredom and overfamiliarity with your partner

·tension and stress

·very little or poor communication

·an absence of trust in  your relationship

·real physical health issues that are causing sexual discomfort and/or pain

Physical sexual issues

Think about about whether there is a real physical concern that is in fact making sex in itself hard for you and triggering a lose of interest in sex. The physical problems that you could experience during  sex can be varied:

  • erectile dysfunction

  • premature ejaculation

  • pain experienced by your partner

  • the failure to orgasm.

  • physical pain or disconfort of any description

Tension, stress and anxiety and physical fatigue

It will come as not a surprise that stress and anxiety, tension and fatigue can be so intense that they can adversely impact your joy, physical wellness and capability to feel sexual and excited. They can quite literally eliminate your libido. If you are in a consistent state of physical fatigue, for example after starting a family, a new job or you are distressed or stressed out about anything from money, family, life in general, this will without a  doubt have an affect on your sex drive and therefore health of your sex life.


Depression is extremely serious and is not simply the  feeling of being dissatisfied or overwhelmed. If you are depressed and you are in a really dark place, it is a major mental health concern which will have a major impact in all areas of your life, including your sex life and you must seek medical help and advice.

If you think you are depressed you need to speak to a professional not hope it will resolve itself. Signs might include but are not limited to a low sex drive and may extend to some or all of the following:


  • deep, dark sensations of severe unhappiness that will not go away

  • a consistent sensation of being low and a sensation of despondence.

  • partial of total loss of interest in the important things that you obtain or take pleasure in and enjoyment from

If you believe that you are feeling depressed you should consult a medical professional. She or he will have the ability to make recommendations regarding the primary treatments readily available and the very best strategy to follow whether that is talking antidepressants or treatments.

It is also crucial to think about that a low libido might likewise be an adverse effects of antidepressants. If you believe this might be the issue, speak to your doctor.



Lots of men and women experience a reduced libido as they grow older and there are many combination of factors as to why that might happen during the aging process such as :

  • the falling levels of sex hormonal agents  testosterone can have an affect on the male libido

  • numerous age-related illness, that might likewise consist of movement issue

Perscription medication that could affect decrease in yor sex drive, could be:

  • medications for minimizing hypertension

  • some antidepressant medications

  • medications to handle seizures and fits, such as topiramate

  • antipsychotics, such as haloperidol

Alcohol and drugs

Drinking large amounts of alcohol and taking drugs over a sustained period of time can have a major impact on your sex drive. 

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