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Are they having an affair?

If there is one solid reason for infidelity is it, " I fell out of love." Are you asking yourself the question about yout partner, 'Are they having an affair?"

Do you feel they are longer sexually attracted to you and they are drawn to somebody else, for now, at least. Or do you get the feeling that your partner needs some excitement that you cannot or don't want to give?Infidelity has various faces and different indications and patterns. You have to talk to each other, it will avoid a lot of pain in the end.

Here are some signs and patterns you can look out for

Affairs happen and start for all sorts of reasons. Often there is sense of needing more attention, more love, more sex. Do you find yourself questioning your ability to love or your own desirability? Are you worried that your partners affections are being bestowed upon another individual.

Do you want to confront that person, should you?

Has your partner fallen in love or have you with someone who is unattainable? if you sense there are issues or you loosing your partner to someone else you have to talk to each other. Has the passion and excitement gone from your relationship?

If you find out that your partner has cheated without them telling you, it is up to you, your couple and your individual set of circumstances whether you want to work at rebuilding your relationship.

Why do you affairs happen?

That is a big question. The reality is that there are many reasons. It could be circumstance are you going through a difficult period in your life, are you feeling adrift, unloved? These can all be reasons but it can also be purely selfish. Your partner does have strong feelings for you but is also drawn to excitement of an affair for the obvsious physical reasons or the departure from the mundane day to day. The issue is that the person who is cheated on, may never be able or want to trust you again and that is mostly not taked into consideration. People get swept up in the moment and worry about the consequences and feelings of the other person later.

Struggling with lack of attention

Are you feeling igonored, unloved and are drawn to someone else and get tge attention you need from that person. These are all valid reasons as to why affairs happen , but it does not change the pain that your partner will feel and the pain of trust being broken.

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